Designing The Perfect Business Website

Taking your business online is necessary if you want better growth and sales. Although building one is easy, you need one that’s secure, effective, and highly functional all at once.

Building the perfect business website isn’t as simple as it seems. However, considering these things below, you’ll have a great platform to work with.


This is perhaps the biggest and most important thing when building a website.

A security breach doesn’t just put you at risk. It compromises everything your customer shares with you as well.

At the very least, your website should have enabled SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate. This encrypts all the data that passes through the website and its host. Even if hackers were to get through, they would find it difficult to use the encrypted data they get.

Here are a few other things you can do to keep your business website safe:

  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Keep all of your software up-to-date
  • Conduct penetration tests at least twice a year

If you become a victim of a security breach, that’s almost like waving goodbye to your business.

It’s not just money you’re losing. You’re also losing the trust of your customers as well.


Your website should be easy to associate with your business.

Look at the websites of brands like Nike, Apple, and many others. Even without the brand’s name, you can easily distinguish which company the website is for. Even if you’re a new business, you should still create a website that fits the image you want to convey.

A website can help you set up your branding in case you’ve yet to establish it. Do you want to see your business as serious and formal? Or do your services and products better fit light and friendly demeanor?


It’s no longer a secret that mobile devices are overtaking desktop devices in browsing and shopping.

We can’t blame people too. Shopping online is way too convenient to pass up.

You must consider a mobile-first approach to building your business website. Aside from loading at the best speed, all elements on your page should also load properly on mobile devices.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you should forego working on a desktop version. Having a mobile and desktop version of your business website would be best.

Simple Menus

Have you ever been lost inside a grocery store while looking for one specific item in your shopping cart?

It’s VERY irritating, right?

That experience translates to mobile shopping pretty well. In this case, people can get lost in a sea of menus while browsing through a poorly designed business website.

As such, ensure you don’t make your website too complex. Incorporate hamburger menus instead. In this design, you’ll have a few buttons that, when clicked, will open up a drop-down menu of subcategories they can browse.

If you categorize your menus properly, your customers can check out items or schedule appointments in a flash!

Strong CTAs

CTAs or call-to-action buttons are necessary for every website. It encourages action and not just browsing.

The CTA on your business website should be visible, so choose bright colors to highlight it. The text should also tell your visitors what the button is for so you don’t waste their time.

There’s a fine line between a CTA that’s effective and a CTA that’s annoying. Don’t let the CTA take up a considerable amount of space on the screen. Whatever you do, don’t make the CTA force your visitors into doing something.

Testimonies And Credentials

You don’t need to worry about your loyal customers. They’ll come back to you again and again with the proper treatment.

What’s more challenging, though, is finding new customers to support your brand.

An excellent way to establish trust early on is by showcasing product testimonies and even your business’s credentials. Being transparent about your previous transactions with your customers is an excellent way to show that your products or services can be trusted.

Great Content

Content marketing benefits your business website in many ways.

For starters, it makes your business an authority in its industry. If you deliver informative and high-quality content, people will see your business as a brand that knows its stuff. As that is the case, they’ll have better trust in you too!

Another advantage to delivering great content on your business website is that it can generate leads. If your customers are asking specific questions about your business, they can turn to your website for help.

That can serve as a great start to a new transaction.

Creating a business website isn’t easy. However, when you make one perfect and consider all the factors above, you’ll have an excellent outlet for sales.

It’s understandably a complex process to create a business website. As such, we highly recommend hiring professional web design services for the job.

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