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We help you cut through the digital noise, reach your audience right and get the best possible outcome. At 212, we listen, care, and deliver results.


Our commitment is to help businesses like yours establish meaningful digital experiences. As you scale and grow, we help match the online lifestyle in grand style. Here’s how we do it

Out-of-the-box Thinking

Instead of keying in and doing what every other business does. We employ an out-of-the-box approach. The results are always designs that push the envelope and meet the market with precision.

Research-Led Campaigns

At 212, we don't just hit the canvas and start painting. That's not our way. Finding out what works for your market is the foundation for any to-be-successful digital campaign. You don't throw money down the drain. We are here to help.

Result Driven

We aren't only about creativity with nothing to show for it. In everything we do here, our clients' goals stay first. Until we get them the right result, our job is never done. Just set the goals. We'll help you get there.


Whether it's boosting your business engagement or conversions on social media, you can trust to win your digital battle for you. We've done it for others. We are doing it for businesses. We can do it for you.

How We Can Help You

Social Media

If you are looking for social marketing experts, look no further. We’ve got them in abundance. Our team comprises the most talented social media managers, marketers, and analysts that can see to everything your business needs to scale.

Web Design & Development

A beautiful, responsive and functional website is not an option in the digital space. It’s a necessity for serious-minded businesses. Vital for growth; Essential for success, that’s what a website is. You need one.

Logo Design

“A picture speaks a thousand words”. Your logo speaks a million. It’s your #1 brand identity. A good logo makes a bold impression about your business and gives people perceptions of what it stands for.

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The Digital world is wild water to navigate. To achieve consistent business growth, every business needs a reliable design and outreach team. 212 Plus Design started in 2012, to take the worry away from businesses.

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