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You Are in Good Company

We are a group of creatives minds based in the United States. We work with brands all over the world to build their digital presence. What makes us unique is our innovative approach to generating results for businesses at all stages of growth.

The Digital world is wild water to navigate. To achieve consistent business growth, every business needs a reliable design and outreach team. 212 Plus Designs started in X, to take the worry away from businesses. 

Our Founder is a tight-knit, down to earth with a passion for great design and an eye for success. Bobby M. Flores has been in digital branding for more than a decade. What started as a college dorm room hustle turned into a full-blown creative agency in 2012. And ever since, there’s been no slowing down. 

Our Vision

Your Internet Presence Is Our Top Priority

We set out to help businesses focus on other aspects of their business, while we deploy talents and resources at our disposal to build them show-stopping brands. 

From zero to Hero. That’s our journey with Amy’s business. Our vision is to make sure your online presence 

Our partners

Join The Rocking Brands

From beauty to beverage, our partners span nearly all niches and all parts of the world. Businesses that work with us enjoy an in-house-like experience. We help them grow marketing ideas and products from lifeless to lively. 

We collaborate with our partners in a creative process to bring their brands to life. Whether you are not sure or you have an established road map, at 212 plus, we add the vigor that brings you to life and ahead of your competitors. Our partners trust us for that.

Wherever you are at the moment. Don’t worry. We can pick you up and get you to digital stardom.

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